The Coming of Magic

Current Rumors

The Dwarves of Underheart have mined into an ancient ruin and released an unknown danger.

The Bureaucracy of Greatfall has been overthrown by the Sightless Council. Turmoil still grips the city while the original seven attempt to wrest control back from their usurpers.

The Herdsmen in the Dragonshead Plains have become violent and are raiding the outlying villages.

A great treasure lies deep within Lake Varinam, west of Redhaven.

The streets of Redhaven have become a battleground for the rivaling mages and tinkers.

The recent magical upheaval has caused many ruins to become laced with many new wonders.

Session 5

The party awoke to find themselves in a hospital, and bore witness to some of the horrors that these explosions of light had caused to the world. They were summoned by Archdruid Melvina to a meeting and learned of a druid circle called the Circle of Watchers. Melvina offered them a chance to learn to control their newfound powers and they accepted

One year later Melvina called upon the party once more to conduct a mission for her that involved procuring an arcanomite from a nearby cave. Once they reached the cave however, they were beset upon by a group of worm like monsters and a battle from which they barely escaped with their lives.

Session 4

During their time in the cavern, each member of the party (except Zook) discovered strange things and were changed in ways they couldn’t see. Carus however, was the most affected by the light and a small sputter of energy caused his whole body to sear up and turn cracked and red, which caused him to black out from in pain.

During this unconsciousness, he was called by an old man who offered him a chance for great power and the ability to change his look. Carus was initially skeptical, but agreed in the end. Zook and Leora also found that their path into the cavern was blocked by some kind of force field.

Once all the party was awakened from their individual problems, they began to move deeper into the cave, and Graiis was able to somehow deactivate the force field. Further in the group found themselves staring at a floating stone in the middle of a raging whirlpool. At the behest of his new friend, Carus swiftly moved into the pool and touched the stone, triggering an explosion and releasing a being known as the Tempter who thanked his saviours and left them unconscious yet again.

Session 3

During the night, John Cobb took the caravan filled with supplies and left the group to fend for themselves in the jungle. Left without a cart group had no choice but to travel forward on foot, with no knowledge of the layout of the Jungle. Luckily for them a Herdsman found their group and offered to take them to Redhaven. This was closely followed by a lizardfolk named Graiis passing by on his way to Greatfall and offering the group a lift on his cart, which they took with thanks.

During their travel, a great white orb appeared in the sky and caused the travelers to ponder upon it’s existence. Soon after the orb exploded and a wall of light encompassed their world. Seeking shelter in a cavern, Graiis lost his legs as he saved Zook from the impending wall of force.

Session 2

After waking up the morning after the Harvest Festival, the group was given various tasks to head to the hub city of Redhaven. During their travel through the Mahatza Jungle they were accosted by a gnome called Zook whose carriage had been attacked by animals causing a wheel to be broken and the horses to panic and run.

Zook broke the group’s wheel on their own caravan and offered to fix it in exchange for travel out of the jungle, which John Cobb decided against. Zook managed to jump onto the carriage as it was leaving and hid in he back for the remainder of the trip, despite Thorvald and Leora knowing that he was there.

Session 1

In the unassuming village of Avergard, the yearly tradition of the harvest festival is in full swing. The townsfolk are having fun and the atmosphere is merry. Beginning with a simple tradition of a talent show in the Mighty Eagle the crowd favourite, Milton the Magnificent, awed the audience with his tricks of magic and mystery. His newest trick for the year was levitating a hat. During the evening, John Cobb stole a set of keys from the inn and managed to keep the militia from detaining him with some quick thinking and a silver tongue.

The second day was met with a lot of work under the watch of Asa, a seamstress in the village and apparent voice of the people for Avergard. Overseeing the work she offered the new arrivals in town with ale and food in exchange for aiding them in setting up for the night’s festivities, which some of them were more than happy to oblige. During the evening John Cobb befriended Kolya, an aging farmer of Avergard and brewer of the harvest festival’s special ale “Colours of the Harvest.”


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