The Coming of Magic

Session 3

During the night, John Cobb took the caravan filled with supplies and left the group to fend for themselves in the jungle. Left without a cart group had no choice but to travel forward on foot, with no knowledge of the layout of the Jungle. Luckily for them a Herdsman found their group and offered to take them to Redhaven. This was closely followed by a lizardfolk named Graiis passing by on his way to Greatfall and offering the group a lift on his cart, which they took with thanks.

During their travel, a great white orb appeared in the sky and caused the travelers to ponder upon it’s existence. Soon after the orb exploded and a wall of light encompassed their world. Seeking shelter in a cavern, Graiis lost his legs as he saved Zook from the impending wall of force.


Palidram Palidram

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