The Coming of Magic

Session 4

During their time in the cavern, each member of the party (except Zook) discovered strange things and were changed in ways they couldn’t see. Carus however, was the most affected by the light and a small sputter of energy caused his whole body to sear up and turn cracked and red, which caused him to black out from in pain.

During this unconsciousness, he was called by an old man who offered him a chance for great power and the ability to change his look. Carus was initially skeptical, but agreed in the end. Zook and Leora also found that their path into the cavern was blocked by some kind of force field.

Once all the party was awakened from their individual problems, they began to move deeper into the cave, and Graiis was able to somehow deactivate the force field. Further in the group found themselves staring at a floating stone in the middle of a raging whirlpool. At the behest of his new friend, Carus swiftly moved into the pool and touched the stone, triggering an explosion and releasing a being known as the Tempter who thanked his saviours and left them unconscious yet again.


Palidram Palidram

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