Averona is the light that guides us all, the shining beacon aliight to cast out the darkness. It is from her guidance that our souls become pure and radiant. Our Goddess is pure and divine, merciful and kind, she will guide us all to the path of righteousness… Beware though, all evildoers who scorn the Beacon and spread mbra into her radiance, for though her light purifies the just, it will burn and sear all those who have shadow in their hearts… Darkness is merely the abscence of the light, and shadow cannot exist in Averona’s glow.
- Yahriss Lightspeaker, Herald of Averona

Averona is the guide from the clutches of darkness. She is a bastion for those who wish to redeem themselves and atone for past crimes and convictions, for all who bathe in her soothing light are given the chance to have their slates cleaned and their sins washed away. For this reason, the church of Averona is populated largely by many people who are looking for right the wrongs they have committed during their lives. The church of Averona seeks to care for those that stay within their lady’s light, aiding them with food, shelter and hospitality. They help the poor and downtrodden to build a new life and re-educate the people who have succumbed to the darkness.
Averona herself is an active goddess and regularly grants advice and knowledge to those who need it, appearing to them personally or through her followers. Averona speaks of kindess and love of all, claiming that it is actions such as these that serve to curb the darkness and stop its spread across the land. As such, Averona openly rebukes the likes of gods who promote selfishness and cruelty.


Mortals that worship Averona are like two sides of a weighted coin. Most believe in the kind and merciful side of their goddess and spread word of her loving deeds to all who will listen or those that simply need to hear it. These people are the face of their deity and it is how the world sees Averona as a rule. There are many a story of Samaritans who give their worldly gains to those who need it more, and many more who give their very livelihood, travelling the world or simply helping close to home.
Churches are a common sight in most civilised places, as Averona is the most worshipped deity in all of Litharael. These churches do not hold sermons and the like, but rather serve as a place of rest for wayward travellers who wish to bask in their Goddesse’s light for a modest and voluntary fee. These churches have no real practices with which to show fealty to their goddess, and instead perform selfless tasks such as aiding the sick, feeding the hungry, and teaching orphans and children of poor families.
Few people serve the more deadly side of their deity. These warriors are hand chosen by Averona herself to be her elite guards and destroy darkness that creeps into her light. Many of these Paladins show no mercy to their enemies, but will aid the broken and oppressed with fire and sword. Some that hear these words become vigilantes for the Bastion of Light and enact justice in their homes from criminals and felons, protecting their home and hearth from becoming a cesspool of filth and vice. The Church rejects all association with these people, but do not stop them from doing their work.


Though the church relies on the common folk to do their part and help those in need, there is a structure to the organisation. The church is mostly matriachal, though they do also have men in their ranks. The Bright Sisters are all females who serve as the face of the church. Often seen in the ragged slums of their hometowns and cities wearing white, orange, or yellow (a personal choice) the Bright Sisters aid people in need in any way they can, ranging from giving food to the hungry, to cleaning the streets. Very few Bright Sisters are Clerics, the vast majority of them simply volunteers wishing to help.
the second chain of command falls to the clergy within the church grounds. These people are simply known as brother or sister, though some prefer to use their own names. Some offer aid and advice to those that come to them, while others are teachers and hold classes for people of all ages who wish to read and write, learn a craft.
The final tier is the Reverent Mother. The matriarch of her church, the Reverent Mother is responsible for overseeing all activities within her city. The Reverent Mother is chosen by the Clergy and is most often a Bright Sister before rising to the position as a Bright Sister is easily recognisable to the masses. Reverent Mothers are always asked for council as they are the wisest in the church, having been gifted with a small portion of Averona’s power.


Averona is a kind goddess, but she does not tolerate liars and renegars. The goddess believes that those who rebuke her teachings and step out her soothing light are as bad as those who bismirched her wisdom to begin with (though she always offers a second chance to those with doubt in their hearts). When such a person is found, The Beacon’s Flare are informed. All worshippers of Averona, these elite warriors are sent to purge the shadow that has crept into her shining radiance.
The Beacon’s Flare consist mostly of Paladins who gain their powers from their lady. The Beacon’s Flare recruits people with all manner of skills however, allowing any who wish to serve their goddess with the tools of their trade. Many are blessed by the goddes and given the ability to wield her divine light to vanquish the enemies of her order.
Members of The Beacon’s Flare report directly to the Reverent Mother in their area of jurisdiction. The Mother gives them tasks that come from the Shining Beacon herself, and these can range from interrogation of a suspected member of the church, to destroying a dark creature that is simply too evil to live.


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