The Elves are a short lived race with otherworldly magical aptitude that comes from some unknown source. They embody the thought of living life as if it was your last day. Elves are a nomadic race and rarely stay in one place for too long, leaving before they cause too much harm to the natural world. Elves hate the ugly and worship beauty in all forms. They will give their lives to prevent something beautiful from being defaced.

Beauty and Elegance

Elves are perhaps the most otherworldly of ‘civilised races’, with their lithe frames and fine features. They are enchanting to non-Elves and many people find it difficult to pry their eyes from the unnatural allure of the most beautiful Elves, as if they can scarcely believe what they witness. They sit at roughly the same height as humans on average from between 5 and 6 foot. Their slender bodies make them generally weigh less than humans. sitting usually between 90 and 140lbs. Elven Males are usually taller and bulkier than their female counterparts, though only by a small amount.
Elves females are usually paler than humans, while the males have the same skin tones. Dark Elves are the exception to this and always have dark blue skin on females, and varying lighter shades on males. Hair colour is often the same as humans, though elves can be born with hair colours betwen white and silver. Dark Elves almost always have hair that is gray or white. Elves eye colours are always blue (purple for Dark Elves) except in extremely rare cases where an Elf is born with amber. Elves can grow facial hair, but generally prefer a clean shaven look. As a nomadic race they generally wear furs and linens, though they adorn their clothes beautifully and add an elegance to them that no other race can seem to master.

Seize the Day

The majority of Elves are a short lived race, living to a maximum of 50. They believe that there is little time for deciding what action is best to take. For this reason, most Elves are impulsive and decisive. This appears chaotic to other races and many believe Elves to be little more than rash and inconsiderate, though Elves will tell you that they simply determine things faster than other races (whether or not this is true is unknown).
Very few Elves in society are born with an immortal longevity. These Elves are referred to as “Daaves’Ori” or Slow Ones in the common tongue. Gifted with immortal life, they are considered inferior in Elven society. Daaves’Ori rarely rise to power in their tribes, as Elves choose their leaders on their decisiveness and quick judgement, claiming that their long living brethren have too much time to decide upon things. Immortality is seen as a curse to the Elves and they treat the Daaves’Ori as one would treat an invalid, causing many ageless Elves to live in solitude or amongst other races.
Elves look young from the day they reach adulthood, to the day that they die. Their culture prides youth and they are ignorant to the wisdom of the old. Diplomacy with Elves is a difficult thing, and many councils who deal frequently with the Elves will have a youthful representitive because they will be refused otherwise.

Beauty and War

Elves of old abhorred ugliness. They waged war upon the blemishes that stained their perfect world. Elves hated even their own who did not fit into their category of beauty, forcing them to wear masks and be cast out from their tribes. The Elves lost their war and were forced to live in peace, eventually removing the need to destroy the ugly from their system. Civilised Elves will blanch at the unattractive, but their hatred is diluted and tame.
Tribal Elves still exist, those who have been untainted by the hideous races that dare to exist. These Elves travel the world, moving from location to location, keeping the beauty of the world in check and destroying any who dare to tarnish it. Some particularly radical tribes will shift the region they dwell in and move the decor to create even more beautiful landscapes. These nomadic Elf tribes are dangerous to travellers, who will receive a swift arrow to the eye at best, and a lifetime of slavery at worst.
Elven Hierarchy is largely focused on the young and beautiful. The most beautiful is the most wise, because with youth and beauty comes quick wit and decisive action. Elves push this ideal upon the other races as well, and will often completely disregard the old aged. The most beautiful (and most important) caste of Elves are the Platinum caste. Elves below are Gold and Silver, while the outcasts are referred to as copper, an insult that Elves will often use on any other race.


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