The Orcosu

“Many people disregard Orcs as simple savages, rampaging and pillaging lands and taking their ill gotten gains from the poor. This is true from our perspective, however the Orcosu have a very different view on the way that life should be lived. Orcs believe in survival, down to it’s most bare ideals. They are the very epitome of survival of the fittest, believing that everything earned must be taken with acts of power, whether this is agreed upon or not. Of course we view this as theft, but the Orcs themselves abhor thievery in a roguish sense. Their ideals are something we civilised folk simply do not comprehend. Perhaps we have grown fat and lazy, or perhaps the Orcs are simply unwilling to move along with the modern times.”

Savage Brutes

Orcosu are one of the oldest races in known history. Brutish humanoids, an Orcosu is an intimidating presence for almost any who see them. An Orcosu stands taller than humans at around 6 feet and usually are no taller than just above 7 feet. The average Orcosu is natually built for combat and are usually more muscular and heavier at 120 to 170lbs. Female Orcosu are generally thinner than the males, but will usually dwarf a human in size.
Orcosu skin colour ranges from grey tones to a light red hue and hair is almost exclusively black, though dark brown and white are not completely unheard of. Their eye colour usually varies in between grey and black. As a more tribal race, Orcosu generally adorn themselves in furs and leathers rather than the linens and silks of other races. All Orcosu own a well kept leather piece that they receive at birth which draw the story of their life upon.

Strength means Survival

Orcosu are considered to be nothing more than brutes, with no greater goal than to destroy at the behest of their gods. While not strictly wrong, it is a great simplification of the Orcosu as a whole.
The Orcosu are a race that are in touch with the natural state of things. They wish for the balance of nature to be kept in place, and many view the civilised lifestyle to be a stain upon the survival of the fittest. Orcosu believe that the strong must survive, and to survive you must be better than your competitors. They train and toil and fight for what they have earned and they fight to earn more. This is the norm in Orcosu society and it is the outlook that the Orcosu live by at all times. A tribe member that cannot aid their brothers and sisters will soon die out to be replaced by someone stronger.

Stealing is Wrong

Many of the other races scorn Orcosu, using the word Orc as a derogatory term for them. They believe that the Orcosu are simple savages, with no great goals in mind, merely stealing and murdering for no good reason. In reality Orcosu have a strict code that they live by. Though the significant details differ from person to person, an honorable Orcosu will never take something that they have not earned through strength. Theft is punishable by death in Orcosu society, being the domain of their Moon Goddess Neth’Luna. These Orcish outcasts are usually the ones that were too weak to survive by brute force, taking up the lunar mantle and surviving by illicit means.

Light and Dark

Many believe that the Orcosu worship a singular entity called Neth’Sola, the Sun God. Neth’Sola is active during the day and so for him to witness acts of worship or tasks befitting of his good graces, Orcosu strive to do right by their God during the hours when the sun is overhead. Exerting dominance, conducting shamanistic rituals, and beating down the meek are all examples of acts which are to be shown off in the light of Neth’Sola.
The Orcosu also have a second Goddess called Neth’Luna. She is their Moon Goddess, and as a direct contrast to Neth’Sola she is the mistress of padfoots and assassins of Orcosu culture. Neth’Luna venerates all bad acts in Orcosu culture and is often sought by the Orcosu who lend their skills to the more dexterous and cunning. The Orcosu believe that Neth’Sola and Neth’Luna are constantly fighting for dominance of their worshipers, each of them getting the better over the other as the day and night cycle continues… And the Orcosu wait for the time when the sun or moon no longer hides away in the earth.


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