Hello everyone and welcome to the Obsidian Portal page for the Arborea campaign ran at Respawn Gaming. This portal will be the primary source for knowledge on the campaign, as well as information for when the games will be hosted, forum pages for players to use if they have questions that need answering, and a lot more. Once you are on the portal, go to the calendar to sync it with a calendar that you use regularly (google calendar for people with Androids, iCloud calendar for iPhones) and you will be synced with the portal’s calendar allowing you to get updates on your phone.

There is a character section for making your characters. If you wish to add background to your character that other players can see, you can do it there. You can also place secrets for yours and the GMs eyes only, which will aid with personal plot development from us. It will help us a lot if you would create your character here as you can use it for back up if your sheet is lost, and we can easily gather information without having to disrupt anyone else. The site is currently quite bare bones at the minute as you can probably see, but we hope to add a lot of relevant information such as the story so far, prior quests, maps of the world, important NPCs, players reputation, among other things.

Thank you for reading this.

The Coming of Magic

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